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Nature is resilient and highly dynamic. Sudden or slow natural processes throw-up problems continuously and nature itself evolves and gives the solutions. The dynamic nature has tremendous resilience to counter the deviations from equilibrium.
The dynamic nature has been disclosing to man its precious treasures and teaching him the ways of making use of them. Infinite are its contributions for the use of man.

Human beings depend on nature for their very existence. In human perspective nature means whatever is within him and whatever is outside him extending to the whole universe and its phenomena.

His very birth, his growth and his well being is intricately connected with the happenings in the whole universe.
Man's use and misuse of the his surroundings affects him. Man has evolved in the judicial use of nature's gifts.
All his nutrient requirements are met by the nature.

Nature is highly dynamic.
dynamic is its nature

For the health care nutrition of man, nature has given numerous food sources both of plant and animal origins.

The topics on health care describe and discuss the various nutritional requirements like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and super foods.
Preservation and care of nature is very much necessary for the continuance of humans beings.
Our earth is continuously influenced by the the elements of the Universe.
Our planet is continuously influenced by the elements of the Universe.
To preserve the nature,
individual actions and inspired collective actions are the immediate necessity.
For every activity energy is required. The source of this energy can make or mar the life systems.
View of Earth from Space
View of Earth from Space

This photograph of our planet was taken during the Apollo 17 mission.
Every activity of humans, including food production have vast effects on the nature.
The topics on care of nature, including green generation and pollution control, discuss the ways and means of preserving the nature.

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